Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let's get physical ... physical

Well, it's winter but by christ I have to start doing something about all this excess ... energy, yeah energy ... that I'm storing up. Although eating huge high carb meals almost every night is NOT helping one little bit.

I have 3 problems with exercising in winter (the "exercising in general" list is longer, I'll do that later)
1 - It's winter, it's always damn cold!
2 - walking doesn't do it, so I have to jog, in which case I get bored REAL quick! (Yeah I have an MP3 player but music is another weird post)
3 - NOTHING to perve at!!

Number 1 & 2 probably are the worst of the bunch, cos really while I'd like something to perve at, me trying to jog and stay alive while perving at some cute chick would NOT go down well at all ... I don't think I'm one of those lucky ones that gets to look good while exercising. So having nothing to perve at probably is a good thing ... ish.

So how do I get rid of the excuses around 1 & 2? ...cold? put thicker clothes on? Bored? more music ... or something.

I think my dislike of exercise comes to a crunch in that I get bored so very, very quickly. I'll load up my crappy MP3 player and within 2 steps I'll want to go back and load "good" music on it.

I really think I just have to bite the bullet, get up early in the morning and be done with the stupid thing.

Cos getting out of bed at 9:20 when you're supposed to be at work at 9, really IS NOT a good thing!!

So yeah, tonight it's early to bed and out of bed tomorrow morning at 7:30 ... even 30 minute run/waddle is better than what I'm doing now!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

can't think ...

I guess I've hit what they call writer's block. Getting back into blogging can be rather difficult. I once read that writing is something like studying, in that you actually need a serious amount of time to train yourself to get into the right frame of mind ... the quote continued to say something like decades is a good timeframe to get into that right frame ;) no wonder we have very few people doing any *real* study these days.

So I'm going to cheat right now, I'm going to list a few other blogs I love to read just cos I want to have it down here before anything else happens and before I get a blog roll happening ;)

First one off the rank I have to mention - she's my favourite at the moment:
Vix - OverEducatedNympho - it's her 3rd blog and it's a seriously good read! I have every intention of buying this woman a beer and having a very long chat next to the pool one day soon.
Next off the rank is the original, self-proclaimed famewhore:
Steph - Much Ado about sumthin!! - Only problem so far is she's a Sydney'sider. Oh there's also her whole "Man Free Zone" ... but the way my luck right now, it doesn't even matter ;)
Karina - Anywhere but here - Think I read this one a while ago, but just found it again recently. Roasting hot and a great read!
Cath - It's f*cking hard to be classy - a bit of a different one, but good none the less.
Chantel - Life and Times of Chantel - A serious drinker she is, but has a lot of serious things to say too.
Crystal - Boobs, Injuries & Dr Pepper - I literally fell over this website, think I like it so much is that there's a little bit of my childhood in her writing. Also maybe something about my future too.
Scorpy - Fallen Scorpio - Scorpy is great and not only because he's a male scorpio ;)

So that's about the list right now and a nice easy post too ;)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! ... Oi! FUCK OFF!

Yup, I do live in great Aussie-land (or as my US-of-A buddy used to say "Auzzie-land"). Aussie-land, The Great-Down-Under, etc, etc, etc. Great place to visit, great place to come from, especially a great place to leave.

I'm getting sick and tired of the arse end of the world. Seriously how can a country in this day and age, with the number of people we have, be so backward?

I jokingly told a mate the other night that I was creating a list, "1001 ways why I have to leave Oz" - the joke was that I was on my 3rd list.

I seriously don't get it. I know this is a great country to live in and in comparison to so many other countries it's great. That is, if you fit the "norm" of society, if you conform to what has gone before, etc, etc, etc.

I feel like the eternal teenager .... and I'm getting sick and bloody tired of it!! I went through teenage-hood for a reason, not to get into the big wide world and do it all over again.

I have been asked many times in my past where'd I like to live and if (when?) I was going to have an "Overseas Experience" - those things that were all the rage before backpacking became the "new" new-thing to do.

I suspect I'm beginning to see why an O.E. would be of great help. For one I'd actually have a point of reference to base all these assumptions on (I've done a LOT of research, they aren't just assumptions) ... but the more important thing? I'd actually have the ability to go somewhere and know the place, even just slightly.

I've always dragged out the old "I can't afford it right now", "I have too many responsibilities", "I don't want to be too far from my family", "I'm starting a family and this house, too late" -- that last one no longer works and sure as hell never should have worked!!! I get curious as to what may have happened had I gone overseas a handful of years ago with my then partner. Ah well, plan for the future, don't re-plan the past.

Right, this thread was going somewhere and it seriously too a hook-turn there for a second.

Oi! FUCK OFF! ... that's where I was going.

Let's face it, the interweb is an accepted way of life now. For many years it was just the propeller-heads in dark corners of offices and homes that were just using the edge of what was to appear, but now it's accepted that there are nerds, geeks, etc out there ... no one in the "cool" camp will accept them, but at least they are "allowed" to have an existence now, not just hide away in the back corners.

Right, now that's covered the main argument right now - why the flying FUCK am I, in 2007 on FUCKING dialup?? (Or as I have created, Broadialup, because Australia DOES NOT FUCKING HAVE REAL BROADBAND).

See, I'm not far out of the city. I'm not miles away from other people. I'm not asking for something stupidly over the top (although fibre to the oz/usa link would be nice). All I'm asking for is the technology that has been out in the big wide world for almost 2 decades now. Something that is as easy as 1 + 1 = 2. Problem RIGHT there, apparently our telecommunications company (Yeah, see apparently a country the size of Aus, only NEEDS 1 major telecommunication company) ... this company can not add. ESPECIALLY when it comes to something like technology.

I have a theory - not only can they not add, they DO NOT want to add. See, why add when that means you have to spend more money. And why spend more money (that WILL earn you more money) when you are already receiving a metric arse load of cash for the backwards, rotting crap you have in use right now?? I mean, why spend $10 to upgrade something, when the current thing is earning you $100 and you paid off 35 years ago? Not that investing the $10 wouldn't get you another $100, but that's only a profit of $90 and that just doesn't work out.

I know there are plenty of people out there who work for this company who do their own metric-arse-load of work. I know this, I've worked with a division of this company before and these people work hard. The problem stems from the decision makers and the people around them and above them (YUP I'm looking at the Politicians here) ... Baby Boomers who have no concept of what is going on with the rest of the world and assume everything will run exactly as it did in the "Good-Old-Days".

Must say, I've caught myself a few times thinking "Gee that was better when ... " - but it stopped there, I caught myself and unless it was something REALLY stupid, I took the tiny amount of time to get to know/get used to the new stuff and I MOVED ON.

Unfortunately I have no idea what to do with the Baby Boomers. I guess the problem is that I've always known Baby Boomers who were switched on. Hell my Grandmothers (both of them) are like 77 and 82 (ish, can't remember exactly) ... and they BOTH have a laptop, email, DVD players, etc, etc, etc ... they are still Baby Boomers and don't like some things that are happening these days, but they still go out and see what's out there and try new things. Maybe that's why after about 20 years of "retirement" they are both still able to keep up and in most cases beat a young person in the energy stakes ... ever seen an 80 year old get up at the crack of dawn, cook all day and the party AND drink the night away til midnight ish?? I have - now THAT'S a REAL Baby Boomer.

Think I've had enough of this negative crap for one night, it's not getting me anywhere and I know there's nothing I can do about it. Well there is and I've got my ears and eyes open for a chance to get out of the country!!

To show how hip I am .... catch you on the flip side*

*Yeah I know, lame but you get that ;)

Friday, May 04, 2007

A post to be created later

Just so I don't forget it and there's a bit of a link back, here is a subject for later:

Anti-slut vs slut.
Anti-bitch vs bitch.

Yes I am being rather crude, but guess what ... I am sometimes. Everyone has just a touch of crudeness in them, just depends how they let it out.

I want ...

I want a super power! Well, maybe not a "super" power, as that has all sorts of connotations of good vs evil and save the world, blah de blah de blah.

I want a super power which goes something like this:

See hot girl with very little clothing walking down the street.

Engage super power.
Hot girl stops, walks over and engages in conversation with me.
Hot girl then hands over phone number.

Engage second level super power
Hot girl removes pieces of clothing long enough for me to catch nice glimpses.

Engage 3rd level
Hot girl offers to have sex in any number of weird and wonderful ways right there and then.

Or maybe just invisibility ... yeah invisibility would be cool.

(Mr Subtle sick and tired of looking at girls dressed almost like sluts ... wants one of his own!)

Second of ... ah, you get the idea

As I browse the other blogs I read occasionally, I notice a bit of a trend. People actually planning and "scripting" their blog entries.

Now, don't get me wrong, planning can be a good thing. Especially when writing seriously (as a few of the blogs I read are, well try to be anyway). But really, for me, my blog is a dumping ground of anything and everything. May not make sense, may not get an audience, may not even last the year. But heck, it's mine ain't it? :P

I had to laugh a week ago when I tried to start reading a new blog (for the life of me I can't remember it, which is probably a good thing). For all intensive purposes this was a "throw mud against the wall and see what sticks" ... but then I read back a few pages, lo and behold there was the comment "I was writing my first blog draft on the bus home".

Draft? FIRST draft? What the ... ? Are we all aspiring authors and journos all of a sudden?

Ah who am I kidding, it's probably true, everyone here wants to be heard in some way and gone are the days of the soap box.

Ah the soap box, how the public speaking and the possibilty of being literally pushed off by opposing people would have stopped so many people from speaking.

I wonder how many people would stop having opinions or blogs if there was an instant and permanent way of aruging with them?

*Quotes are never accurate, and even if they are, they aren't!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First of many

First of many, it has to start somewhere - it'd better bloody continue too!

So this is it, Mr Subtle's blog. A place for me to dump all my ideas, thoughts, ravings, curse words and everything else that I'm inclined to keep away from the light of day. Maybe even people will read this one day, but til then I'll be taking my little piece of the interweb and filling it full of ... stuff.

So on to business, I'm very much bored right now. Strange as it may seem, even in a great city like this one, there are pockets of people who live out their lives in a dull grey haze. It's scaring the living tripe out of me (although I don't have living tripe, so that's pretty pointless). I've been single way too long and shy way too much.

Time for a change. Time for Mr Subtle!

Enough to start with, maybe something more tomorrow - possibly even a story or 2 about my super-subtle perving ability ;)