Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, yes. I'm a horrible blogger. I have to write more and more often. Blah, blah. Really sometimes shit gets busy and while I have a lot to write about I have very little time. Well very little time where I can blog. If only the public transport in this city would install wireless ... oooh, interesting thought.

Anyway, quick thing before I leave work and go home - to attempt to write a real post and not some short piece of crap that ends with a link to someone else's work. But here it is anyway:

I'm a great fan of this blog and to be honest - this is one of the many entries that has really rung true for me. I (as the author said) know there will be a LOT of flaming going on, but seriously - get over it. All the males out there know this to be true - and all the females out there thinking "it can work - we're different to everyone else" is just plain wrong.

Case closed. Almost hometime. Where's my cigar and scotch damn it!