Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stop the destruction of good movies

I can say I've never done this before - nor have I wanted to do this before. But after hearing that the IDIOT is making Blood Rayne 3 (I still have nightmares of the 10 minutes I watched of Blood Rayne) I have to post this.



I know, I know - online petitions mean jack shit. But the words came from the IDIOT himself "Get 1 million people and I'll stop making movies" (link to article coming soon).

Blood Rayne, Dungeon Siege, Postal, and ever other excellent video game that could have made an amazing film has been killed by this IDIOT. Sign the petition!

Article about the IDIOT

Enough about the tool who has ruined so many potential good memories. Time to get some more dirt to use in my blog damn it! Time for another city perv trip!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cybering 101

It's been a long time. I've been busy. And lazy. So very, very lazy. And busy, so very, very busy.

Anyway, on to a topic that has cropped up for me recently. I appear to have been the focus for some people (I'll err on the side that they are female) - who appear to want "me", in a virtual sort of way (still no one who wants me in the real world - but that's for another post).

So after many hours spent shaking my head, here's some of my tips for the new ones trying cybersex - or ones who have done it before, but are a little "stale".

Tip #1

Let me say it again for those in the back. DETAILS.
Did you know that something like 70% of all interperson communication is non-verbal? That means that typing on the screen gives the reader, at most, 30% of what you want them to "hear". So details are even more important when it comes to this sort of situation. Something along the lines of "Oh, do me harder" has about as much sexiness as "Oh, make me toast".
So as a subtle hint "Oh, do me harder" - might just be better as "Oh baby, I want to feel your *ahem* deeper inside my" .. etc (Yes, while I swear I don't think blogger would like me being too specific).

Tip #1 (Yes, it's one of those - these are all important)

This is important - especially for guys to remember for the ladies - as real estate agents say "Location, location, location". Give the environment at least a few subtle hints and things will go much, much better. Take my word for it, give a little bit of effort into the location and this will go smoothly. For example "I want to bend you over the bed" can be much better as "I want to bed you over the bed, where the silk sheets lightly brush your skin". See works a little better.

Tip #1

This may be obvious, but even I've fallen into this trap. They are there too - they want to be involved. They might not be able to type much, but the other person still exists and wants to hear what you want them to do or what you are doing to them. Easy, but one of the important things. It's easy to lose track of things and start talking all about yourself, or all about what you want them to do to you. There has to be that balance there - a bit of give and take.

So there we go, 3 easy tips to follow that I will say can make your cybering a lot ... easier.

Now, who wants to send this link to some hot females for me so they can try it out with me?? HAHA!!