Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the mood ...

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris', I wonder where the birdie is?

Well, not really is still miserable cold winter here. But that's sort of what I'm leaning towards right now. The place almost has the feeling of Spring. Or perhaps it's just me.

Anyhoo ... I was asked today which "group" I would fit myself into. "Are you a SNAG, a metro, an alpha male... ?"

Can I pick the Z option and go with "I am who I am"? Apparently not.

Gone are the days of the "Man of the House" / "He who brings home the bacon" (for the little woman to cook). The dats of the SNAG and the Metro and the Retro are all alive and well.

What about the rest of us, who actually keep the rest of the planet running while you lot prance around with your bloody titles and moisturiser?? Well, I've made a jump - we're at a stage in history where we need a ruling class- and we don't have one.

In by gone years we had Knights and Princes and Ladies and Queens. Today if you ask to meet a Queen be prepared for anything. Really anything.

So I'm guessing that our new "ruling" (ha!) "class" are those who sit around scratching themselves with these titles they make up. Or are given by the media (shudder).

I am who I am - it was good enough for Popeye, it's good enough for me. I'm not a bloke's bloke (but I'm perfectly ok with you being gay) nor am I a metro (I have enough trouble getting the time to shave in the morning - rub white smelly liquid into my face??) ... Perhaps someone will sit down one day soon and redevelop the "real man" - the one who goes to work, remembers to tell his partner he loves her (or him) goes grocery shopping on the way home, and has time to play cricket with the kids - all while remembering not to eat the fatty piece of meat for lunch, he's having a BBQ on saturday and that meat is better.

... Hand me the scotch, that's too much thinking for one day. You people sicken me, get off your arse and stop thinking of all these names for the other idiots sitting on their arses. Get up and do something - hell, maybe we'll be able to make this world a better place?

And no - Earth will ALWAYS be a planet ... but I do want Pluto back :(


Watching someone else sleep is a very special and interesting situation. I've done in a number of times over the decades and I must say - it never gets old.

My latest instance of sleeping voyeurism has been over many of the last weekends. The first being after many bottles of red and a couch - which went from comfy to a bed of nails in such a short period of time.

I believe a person's real face comes to be shown while they sleep. They react to their dreams and sometimes outside influences naturally. In some cases you can even influence them (better keep my evil side hidden for a bit longer).

Watching the rise and fall of their chest, the rhythm of the heart pushing blood through their veins (I might add I had a long time to admire the neck of this certain person on the couch - I now understand the fascination with vampires even more.)

Some people fall asleep as if they are falling into a coma - solid stone, no movement. Others will toss and turn until they have beaten the mattress to a pulp. There is generally a third type (which I think most people are this sort), these people close their eyes and body almost shuts down - small tremors ripple through their bodies. Their breathing, once sharp and controlled, instantly becomes deep and full.Their limbs start to constrict and in some cases the curl around themselves (or other things).

I have watched so many different people sleep - from the smallest of babies, to the oldest of grandparents (no, I'm not that weird - I just have a very large family). I'm always curious to see how people fall asleep in different situations. I know I can nap anywhere (must to the disgust of people sitting next to me on a plane) but full, healthy sleep is a different matter. That takes me a while, although if I'm alone I have no trouble. Perhaps I'm more concerned about the other person(s) who are attempting to sleep as well.

Sleep really is a wonderful thing - but I won't ever be able to truly appreciate it until they get those genes from the bears and give me a real winter hibernation!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Change of tack

I've been lazy. I've said that before. This time I have a reasonable excuse.

There is a female - and she's alive. She's even human (I know, I have checked). Apparently she even enjoys my company.

Freaking thing is, I really enjoy her company too. Not that I really have any idea what's going on, but what the hell - we're both adults who seem to be enjoying each other's company (and other talents).

She's told me I should change my blog title to Mr Calm & Slow - as this appears to be what I am all the time (if only she realised it's just something I have to do for the initial period). But I get the feeling I'll get over that - at some point in the future.

This post has probably made no sense at all - which if you were in my head right now, you'd see I'm in a state of constant confusion. It's an odd feeling that I really don't like.

In any case, enough of the confused writing for this moment. I want to put something up soon with a bit more structure, perhaps something with a bit more information.

But if anyone (ha!) is interested this is her ;)

Monday, June 02, 2008

It's been a while. I've been lazy, busy and trying to get things actually rolling in my life.

Oh and apparently some people think I'm immature! (haha).

I am trying to get some good posts happening, I'll post them as soon as I think of them (or I break the scotch out again). Mmm, scotch

How did I end up with this ...

How evil are you?

and Captain Obvious (Grumbles) ended up with this???

How evil are you?