Friday, October 31, 2008

My invisibility cloak

As some of you know (or have guessed) I'm not exactly a small person. As my father has put it a couple of time I'm a "quiet, gentle giant". Don't let that fool you, getting in my way isn't a good plan for longevity. One thing I have yet to fully understand, is my amazing ability. I've noticed this ability for a number of years now. Most people don't believe me, that is until they see it happen. Cathy was one of these people. Even the first couple of times I'm sure she figured I was just not being forthright enough, or I wasn't doing what was accepted.
Well, I know I don't stand on the tables and start stripping - but really, having waiters and waitresses look straight through, around and over me does get a little annoying at times. I understand these people have busy jobs and to be honest I applaud them for the job they do. If it's good of course. I also understand that on a busy Friday night, there are going to be lots of people to serve and keep happy. The 6'4, 120 odd guy at the centre table who's looking straight at you and waving his hand ... well, you know, something as small as a "I'll be right with you" as you walk past me would be all it takes.
Even that apparently is part of my amazing invisibility.
It's not even that I'm a bad patron. I haven't complained about food before (unless it's totally wrong, or just plain horrible) - Cathy can attest to this, I love all food. When it's served by people doing a wonderful job, I try to be the best customer I can be. I don't do anything stupid (I may have been loud at a couple of events in my younger years, but even that wasn't over the top) but really, I'm just someone that apparently has an amazing ability to be invisible.
This skill would be so much better if I was able to turn it on and off at will. Or if it worked for other people, or even other industries. Would be wonderful to wander down the street perving on people and not being noticed.
Wait, I don't do that any more. That would have been before I was in a relationship. Yes, that's it. A long, long time ago in a single life far away...
Back on topic - anyone out there who is in the food service trade, please notice us big friendly giants. We don't like to cause too much noise, but if you continue to ignore me, I mean us, well really ... what else are we to do?

And if I ever find another weedy little turp jump in front of me again at any sort of food serving place, he's going to find himself squished between me and another immovable barrier.

Be warned.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I keep doing this

I really have to get back into some form of routine with this blog thing. It's been ages and while many things have happened, I just haven't felt the desire to blog. I've seen other people do this, some never come back, others attempt too, while others come back better than ever. I have no idea which way I'm going, but I guess I'll be trying to get something from somewhere.

So let's go through the usual stuff:
Work - new work is good, busy as all get out, but I'm liking it. The commute is hellish, but I'm hoping to be out of the office more and more so at least I can get a nice car allowance every month.
Love - is great. Things are going really well. Many are positive about us, while a few are still very hesitant. I refuse to listen to that particular group. There will always be idiots.
Shape - while weight is going down, the increased travel time and things being a little crazy I haven't been exercising much. Appears that I may have been exercising wrong. Back to more cardio and less weights. I have to cut before I can bulk.
Life - is getting there. Still a few dark corners out there. I'm feeling good about a lot of things though, we'll just have to see where it's all leading.

One thing that is new (and which I'm not sure I like it yet) - a request has been made for me to grow side burns. Now, I'm slightly conservative (ok, more than slightly) so going a bit out there with something like side burns is just a little uncomfortable. With a new job that is very professional and me not very comfortable with the whole "hair style" arrangement, it's leading to a little bit extra stress. Although it does make someone very happy with her "adjustments" to my presentation. Perhaps when it all fits together I'll be a bit happier with the changes. That and a lot more cutting and then some nice bulking.

Yeah, I can dream. Apparently a whole lot.

Cathy and I seem to have hit a bit of a dry patch with each of our blogs - one thing I suggested the other day was a joint-blog. Perhaps a few small snippets from each of us during the week will help us get rid of the "writer's block" and get the words flowing. At the very least it'll be a good laugh to see us try it. Thoughts? Opinions? Options?