Friday, October 02, 2009

Terms of endearment

When one likes another, be it relationship, friendship, mateship, etc most people start using nicknames or terms of endearment. Most of these are harmless, some make no sense to others, a few might even offend other people. There are some that slip between the cracks that people don't acknowledge or if they do it feels a little strange to others.

Case number 1 in point - "Sexy"
Used by most people at some point or other, unfortunately it's a term that is either accepted by the majority or purely in the eye of the beholder. It's one of those terms that anyone can use for someone they believe is "sexy" and don't intend to be offensive, or sometimes a little over the line. I, personally, like to use sexy when I'm attracted to someone who I'm in a relationship with. Although I used to use it sparingly I have been told recently that it us too creepy and the fact that others use it in reference to their beloved it somehow undervalues the sentiment. I didn't really believe Cath either, but at the moment I'll keep the comment to a minimum.

Case number 2 in point "boy / girl"
I may have acces to a certain social networking site - on this site I might have a friend or two - of these friends I might have a couple who recently referred to each other as "boy" and "girl". I don't see a problem with this, both parties are using a similar term and don't have an obvious problem with it.
Now for the sticky issue - female friend of both comments on the male's reference to his girlfriend as "girl". Scathingly comment attached which follows the lines of "you don't own her, she's not 10, you should call her woman". This left me a little sick. Here was a couple who displayed their affection for each other in public, in a way that was comfortable for them, and ONE of them was shot down. No comment to the female for calling the male "boy" instead of "man", no nothing of the sort. No comment that the display of affection was nice, just that this 3rd party didn't like a perceived insult to the female, even where none was obviously not intended or existed. It bothers me this black and white attitude to "respect" and "political correctness" that has once again excluded the middle class male from any form of rebuke or support.

There are times when I, and others, want to display our affection for those we love and how we feel "ownership" and "owned" in our comfortable relationship. People who don't understand it or perceive a "threat" need to find a short pier and take a nice long brisk walk.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PT'ing it home

This is worthy if a blog entry - on the way home and there is actually seats free on the tram!! It's just a little scary.

Now my train will be cancelled or something ... I hope not!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Almost 2 weeks ... and I'm still alive

I must say, not only was my bride beautiful and the day went perfectly - but damn can my wife organise a shin-dig! It was truly amazing and exactly what we (I?) wanted. A great day that was about us, but not us as the pinnacle of a mob. We were the centre of attention, but only because the people there were happy for us - and celebrating with us.

While the nerves were racing (apparently I was the calm one of the two!) there was excitement and a slight hesitation about being in front of all those people. With the flashing and the clicking ... I still have a slight twitch from all the fast bright lights.

I stayed at a good friend's place the night before the happy day. While we decided to exclude most of the "traditional" items from the wedding list, I'm glad we spent the night (and most of the day) apart. It made seeing my bride in all her finery that much better. And how fine it was!

I'm not going to go into specific details in this post (that will come soon, I promise!) but the whole ceremony portion of the day went exactly to plan. The celebrant was great - especially for someone we hadn't meet until 15 minutes before
the event. The reception was also great, the drinks flowed from the get-go, the food was amazing and the accommodation ... the only thing that comes to mind is "FUCK ME".

I've had one or two upgrades in hotels before - but nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to being upgraded to the Presidential Suite. A Suite normally would have been great, but to the Presidential Suite ... I think I'm still in shock. The "room" went almost forever and then came round back again.

So yes, in a nutshell the suite might just get it's own post (that's 2 for the kids playing at home).

So the honeymoon - 7 nights wasn't long enough. I'll skip over the major fuck up that the Travel Agent allowed to happen. I'll also skip over the humidity and the almost overbearing heat. What I will mention is I can't wait to go back to Thailand (or really anywhere similar to that) and that I almost got to the point of enjoying haggling with street vendors. At least it was better to haggle with them than telling them I'm not their "Boss" and I don't need a suit.

Although I did end up coming home with 2 very nice suits - and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Another post I think - the tailoring experience AND the street sellers who couldn't wait to fit me for a suit (or shorts/shirts if it was hot outside).

The travelling was good, the resort was great, the service and the food was amazing. I really don't have any major problems with our honeymoon - what made it perfect (perhaps using that word too many times), what made it perfect was spending the time with my love and my new wife (yes Cathy :P).

With only 1 day left of my holiday I'm not exactly fussed with going back to work - although I do look forward to wearing my new suits (and choosing which tie to wear with it), I'm also looking forward to how I feel about going to work (ie getting back to the "real world") hot I feel about being married. Especially to Cathy.

On a side note - I don't think Cathy has really acknowledged the being married part yet, although I think getting her ring back on is certainly helping the issue! I might not have gotten use to being married, but the worst part so far has been my fingers feeling a little dislodged around my wedding ring. Guess I can deal with that sort of issue though ;)

Hold your breath for the next few posts (or don't, it won't be tonight!).

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Call it writer's block - call it lack of inspiration - call it being down right lazy. Call it whatever you will, I've been horrible. Now I'm getting married and won't be able to do anything for the next 2 weeks (well 10 days, I'm sure I'll be online when we get back).

Basically I have had ideas of blogs, but really I wanted to keep this time as special time between me and Cath. So I did. Once it's over I'll come back in full force and be posting like there's no tomorrow, I have a list of this here that I want (need?) to blog about.

There have been good times, there have been great times, there have been shit times. We get married in 49 hours and I still want to be there - it can't have been all that bad. Things will go well, nice and smooth sailing I say to anyone who asks - once we get past the little things that need to be done at the end (shit! Where is that chocolate delivery?!).

So, my utmost apologies again my (very few?) remaining readers, hopefully I can spark more of an audience when I return with stories of the south seas ... or just how bad airline food can be! I shall return and shall being writing again!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A test

I have a new toy. Apparently this will help me to use it more ... It's only supposed to be a phone damn it.

Stupid apple.

More later.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, yes. I'm a horrible blogger. I have to write more and more often. Blah, blah. Really sometimes shit gets busy and while I have a lot to write about I have very little time. Well very little time where I can blog. If only the public transport in this city would install wireless ... oooh, interesting thought.

Anyway, quick thing before I leave work and go home - to attempt to write a real post and not some short piece of crap that ends with a link to someone else's work. But here it is anyway:

I'm a great fan of this blog and to be honest - this is one of the many entries that has really rung true for me. I (as the author said) know there will be a LOT of flaming going on, but seriously - get over it. All the males out there know this to be true - and all the females out there thinking "it can work - we're different to everyone else" is just plain wrong.

Case closed. Almost hometime. Where's my cigar and scotch damn it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

You Spin Me Round

Well, not to put much effort in here but I do feel like things are still spinning around in my head. Between work, moving, wedding (people will chuckle with this comment) and trying to keep things afloat, blogging has fallen to the very bottom of the heap. But I'm working through it and am slowly clawing my way out of this slump.

Anyhoo, I've decided what I really need - something that will save time and proved me with something I think I'm in dire need of. Please view the next amazing invention (and yes, apparently it does still "work"!)

On to slightly more serious things - I've got nothing. Well lots of stuff, but nothing that is blog-worthy right now. As the boys said "We're not worthy!", but in this case it's true.

Come back in a little while and I'll have something here. Even if it's "Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die". (I wonder who will get those 2 quotes!)