Friday, March 14, 2008

Anything I do is justified by me wanting to do it

Long time since last post - simple one this time. I'm trying to get the inspiration to write something good. So here's the rest of my "writing"

The rain pattered at the window pane again, it was strong at times and weak at others. Almost as if the storm was easing off. I knew that these storms could last for hours after the initial pounding, or this could be the eye of the storm.
Watching Kay lay there, the fire cracked and I jumped a little. She turned her face to me and smirked a little bit. The game was only just beginning. I reached down and ran my fingers down her spine, feeling her heart beat and her deep breaths.

I leaned over her suple body and spread my hands over her back. I pushed deeply into her back and dragged my hands down to the curve of her back, she breathed in sharply. Tracing my fingers around her lower back, I pushed carefully into any tender spots.
"Does it hurt anywhere Miss Jones?" From the muffled moans I could hear, I assumed she was enjoying my attention. My fingers danced up and down her back, occassionally sliding up and down her sides. Her reaction intrigued me, although I was ever intrigued by the mischevious and tickling a young naked woman is always fun.
After a time of stroking her back, I eased my hands down to her butt. Placing both hands on her suple butt cheeks, I leaned over and took a bite out of her left one.
A gasp sprang from her lips, but she didn't move far. Smirking, I massaged her gently, until I moved my hands down to her thighs. Stroking my fingers up and down her thighs, I saw goose bumps start to form. Rubbing deeply again into her upper thighs, I heard her gasp again.
She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled "Would you like to see more of me?"
How could I refuse? I nodded, not wanting to ruin the moment with speech. She smirked again and started to roll over. Stopping herself, she started rolling towards the fire. "Although," she said "I could just stay here, it is nice and warm."
I slapped her butt softly, "So I see you still like to tease."

I moved away slowly, still watching the rise and fall of her body as she breathed. The fire was getting low and the rain was starting to pick up again. I wandered over to the side door and closed it, looking through the curtains I noticed the clouds were still rushing overhead at each crack of lightening.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Kay asked from the floor. I looked over my shoulder at her and winked. She tried to surpress a giggle.
I walked back to the fire and shuffled the embers around. Placing another large log, I made sure it would be fine for another hour or so. Decisions, decisions.
Turning back to Kay, I finally looked at the rest of her. She blushed slightly as my eyes wandered up and down her body brazenly.
"So Glenn, what do you think? Like what you see?" She looked straight into my eyes as she asked this. The only thing I could do was nod. My mouth was suddenly very dry.
Reaching my hand out, I stroked the edge of her jaw with my fingertips. Sparks of electricity went straight up my arm, my heart and throat lunged slightly. An odd feeling, but a good one.
Kay dipped her head as my fingers got to her throat, she mumbled something under her breath. I felt my hand tremble and saw goosebumps form on her chest as my fingers fell slowly to her collarbone.
"Stop." she breathed. "Do you really want to do this?" She looked me in the eyes again. A look of pleading in her eyes. Like a long lost orphan. With the rain in the background it just all felt right.
"Yes" I breathed back as I nodded. "I've wanted this for years."