Monday, January 21, 2008

What to call this one

So I figured I'd have time to post here, do some work and even attempt to perve on something fine.

Well, I got a small amount of perving done although the rest of it went out the window. Now on to the perving.

Had drinks with the neighbours on saturday night, figured it'd be worth the free food and some good drinks. Turns out my neighbours are at least as sex-crazed and perverted as I might just be. Heck once one of the wives (yes the rest of them were all married, which lead to interesting events) - once one of the wives started talking about her tattoo, it lead to her showing a small group of us (all while looking straight at me - which with the tattoo on her arse, was interesting to say the least!). Can't remember much detail of the tattoo, but for a woman with 1 child she was very nice to perve on.

Must remember that - sometimes there really are milfs out there!

Well, as a kind of update - I've:

Joined an online dating site
Chatted with more new people from the US than this country
Been asked out for coffee - then got ignored when asked for confirmation (days later)
Work stupid hours and crazy things
Been ignored on forementioned dating site - can people not even respond with "no"?
Turned down sex with a woman - while her husband watchs (ewww)
Gotten caught perving a couple of times - usually when I'm in the car and say something too loud
Thought again and again that I really need a hot female in my office - just for daily banter

etc, etc, etc - I think Preposterous Ponderings might be right after all (and everyone else who has said it - including me) I really need to get laid.

Anyone offering??

Friday, January 18, 2008


In one little word I can sum it all up at this point in time.


No time for anything, things are hitting the fan faster than they have before (and with more frequency).

I'm not going to blog about it right here as it's not exactly funny or entertaining. Or exactly eventful. I'm sure everyone has had times when everything fell in a heap.

The weekend is coming up ('tis friday afternoon and I'm going home early) so I have a bit of time set aside to add an entry or 3. There is a bbq to attend (then write about) a possible "coffee" to participate in (then write about) and a couple of other things that will take me out into the public arena and get me some nice female bodies to look at.

It's been way too long - think I need an intervention or something!

Any girls feel like being my wing-person :-)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CBD ... mmm

I was in the CBD today. Let me just tell you, I can now confirm what females have known for centuries (well a long time anyway). Anyone, and I mean anyone in a suit can look amazing. Not just good - I'm saying amazing. And it's anyone. A person you wouldn't even want to look once at you turn slightly to can a second glimpse.

From my perspective I have to give my opinion of the female form in a suit - a female suit of course. I have yet to see a female in a male suit. At least in the flesh. And I'll just have to accept that males look good in one.

I'm not sure exactly what it is. The need for a white blouse. The high heels. The short (although doesn't have to be so short). The jacket. The slight shake of the skirt as she moves her hips.

... Give me a minute.

There isn't even a specific suit that inspires this response. I saw at least a 100 different variations today and let me tell you, they were all fantastic.

One thing I did notice - on the way home, the women in the suits were looking far, far better than the guys in the suits. Perhaps it's skirt. The extra air-flow or something? Or maybe it's just that women are better at wearing suits ... and stuff.

The sway of her hips. The rustle of the jacket as her arms swish. The click of her heels on the pavement. The flash of her thigh as her skirt moves up a little. Stopping at the crosswalk, the bends her knee a little and her legs look longer. A slight movement of her shoulders and she begins to remove her jacket. the glimpse of her bare arms as the jacket drops and the curve of her waist can be glimpsed.

As the cross walk flashs she stretches out and starts walking, her jacket swaying with the rythym of her stride. Her legs taking long strides, as her blouse shifts as I glimpse a bra strap.

She turns and I see a smirk start to form on her face, as she adjusts her bra strap and her strides length a little to show more of her thigh.

Now I'm not sure what I like more - bikini or a nice suit.

Think the suit wins out, as the people who wear a good suit know how to wear a good suit.

Wrong bikini wearings are just plain scary ... and for another post.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Humans really have no idea

Really we don't. I'm not talking about the future, or the environment, or politics, or even or "races" on this blue rock.

I'm talking about other humans. More specifically the opposite sex.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the replica perfect man. But damn it, I'm a good guy. I'm tall, dark, and well I'm not ugly ;)

I know mentally what a woman wants, I use these skills to talk with women. Nothing more, I save the rest til later. Problem is, what women want, it changes. Nothing in the rest of the universe changes as quickly.

Thing is, the things males want doesn't change as often, but it changes. Generally with age (more of a bell curve sort of thing) and sometimes with what we men try to pass off as maturity.

I know all of us want the complete package. The angel, the genius, the nympho, the peak of physical fitness, etc, etc, etc, etc.

But we all know, deep down (once we've acknowledged it) that the whole package DOES NOT exist. Will never exist. There will be close. There may even be the elusive soul-mate.

But what the hell is it all about? Apparently where I live there is a single man drought. There were rumours of numbers of almost 1:2 (1 single male to 2 single females) - thing is, all the single guys I've spoken to (I know a few) haven't not noticed this. Seems the only people who are complaining about this "drought" are females - females who are looking for that specific male who is generally already taken. Or don't want them.

Yes I am just ranting. But I've almost had a gutful of the chase with not result - to this point not even a nice smile as thank you. What is it that drives people to ingore what we don't want to face or even respond to. Hell at this point a simple "Thanks, but no thanks" would be ok. At least that way I'd know I got a response.

A no is better than nothing right? Just playing the numbers.

Just playing the numbers. How disgusting is that. But I'm starting to see the purposes of treating the opposite sex as a piece of meat - hell it's working for so many other people (of BOTH sexes) so what about me? Or do I have too much "respect" for myself, let alone another person.

Maybe I'm going around this the wrong way - giving out respect before it's duly deserved. Perhaps part of the "treat em mean, keep em kean" perspective is to hold the respect until a later date.

Eh, what's the point. It's not me.

Or perhaps it should be?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

First blog of 08

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ... At least is fucking well better be. I'm sick and tired of the years going bad. Well, I'm sick and tired of letting them go bad.

Ok, perv'ing update - actually not a whole lot. I could say I've been lazy, but in all seriousness I've been working. Hard. And maybe a little bit lazy.

Although I did have a very nice NYE party - of which there was a bit of perv'ing. I have found I have a kick-arse hot neighbour across the road, a rather nice neighbour nextdoor to her; and next door a really nice couple (just not perv-able). Nice in a "I'm sure they have a hot single girl to put me with" nice. ... Nice ;)

So, yeah across the road neighbours - into porn, rather open, can swear, drink to nice levels ... and I'm not all together sure, but I'm almost sure the wife was looking at me just a little more than everyone else. Not that I mind, just curious to see what happens next time we are social. Think it could be interesting.

So I have found a lot of neighbours that a very cool! Neighbours I really should have meet when I moved in to this place all those months ago. Ah well, live and learn.

On to the story of what I've been doing the past few days. I did something bad. Rather bad. And I thinking I'm close to regretting it.

Think I wasted money. Money I really didn't need to waste. I did something I was sure I wouldn't do, but had the best intentions in doing it.

A really bad thing.

I subscribed to a single's dating site.

Very bad thing.

This one is a little more ... "open" than a lot of others, but that goes to helping with a slight issue I might have currently.


This "open" site is good, but I'm pretty sure I wasted my money. I'm never good with first impressions (at least socially) - and writing a profile and putting my pictures up, probably has turned girls away.


Ok, I can almost promise you it has. I had more "interaction" on this site before I subscribed.

I have sent out a number of "contacts" and almost as many messages. I know it's a numbers game, but really - one response saying "I'm not interested". Just a bit disappointed.

I don't "mind" getting a negative (truth be told, I do mind it but it's better than wasting all that money).

I think I'll just stick to perv'ing, it's safer and I get better responses. Stick with what you know - Right?

Right? ... fine, be that way. I know getting out there (even online out there) is better than just sitting here bitching and complaining about having no life.

Perhaps if I'm "out-there" enough, I'll have a few more stories to tell and blog about.

On another note, I'm going to start a bit of a timeline. I'm going to set the start date to 1st June 2005. That's about 2.5 years.

2.5 years without any action. At all.

Maybe that's a reason I'm going nuts? Or maybe there's another reason for that. Both effects? Neither causes?

Time to stop rambling and go see if my waste of money has done anything. I'm not holding my breath.