Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just because I want to

While I did get 2 affirmatives for the story - no repsonse to the actual post, so one more entry to see if anyone reads it, then back to the drawing board for some more of the story (perhaps only for myself and the 1 or 2 that have requested more directly).

She didn't respond immediatly, instead her head fell forward and she shrugged her shoulders. I caught a mumbled "Everything feels good" and I got the hint. She hadn't had a good massage in a long time. I didn't think a maid looking for work would have the spare cash for a professional one, but I had thought she would have been attached by now.
Another rumbling sound came from outside, aside from the rain it almost looked like the storm was passing. But it was still cold and the rain was as bad as ever. Under my hands, Kay shivered again, even though her skin was warm. Perhaps my fingers were working after all. Or perhaps it was the 4 glasses of kahua she had drunk so far. Although her glass was forgotten now, sitting there the ice slowly melting. Riverlets were forming on the ourside of her glass, rolling down to her hand that was encircling the bottom. She did not more when a droplet hit her, but her forefinger was stroking the glass. I couldn't help but smirk at this, lucky she couldn't see me.
With her head still down, she mumbled again "My lower back is sore". It almost sounded as if she was almost asleep, but her breathing was much too fast and deep for that.
"Your lower back? Well then, time to lie you down and take a look at it."
She struggled with the rug for a moment, before I unwrapped it from her and lay it down in front of the fire. She flowed down onto the rug.
My mouth hung open as I stared at her form in front of the fire. I knew she was beautiful, but now she was magnificient. Then shape of her calves, relfecting the fire light. Her strong, but supple thighs glistening, still a little wet from the rain. Her butt was a masterpiece, I had no words to describe the shadows and light that was playing over her. While she was short, her back looked long and toned. Her arms, fallen to her sides were almost perfect. She had most certainly grown up since I had last seen her.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ok, here goes nothing

There isn't a start to this story as yet, it sort of jumps into a situation. There is a back story, but I am still polishing that. And yes there is more, but I'll post that later.

And yes, I am not a serious writer and this probably comes off as rather crap - but I don't care, all of us have to be a little bit creative.

Sitting together, watching the fire, Kay and I felt the warmth spread over the room. Like a warm summer breeze, the fire heated the room and our bodies just enough to get the feeling back in our fingertips.
The rain continued to batter at the window panes, the wind howling down the valley to whip white peaks over the lake. The manor house was already shut up tight and the Lake House had survived many of these storms.
Pausing to look at her dark hair, Kay once again gulped down her drink. I touched her shoulder and stepped away from her to put another log on the fire, then refilled her drink.
She had changed slightly since school all those years ago, going from a gangly teenager, to a woman who would move with a grace and a sensuality I had no seen before. I was surprised I even remembered her, but seeing her name on the resume and then her face during the interview, I was dragged back to those long forgotten days. Days when we would pass each other during lunch, or I would be asked to assist her in class. I was sure as young as she was then, there were signs - I would have to ask her later. Much later.
Bring her out to the Lake House had been Kay's idea, she said she loved the lake and would love to get a closer look at the woods near by. It was almost a shame the storm had come up so quickly. And what a storm it was, another crash of lightening hit a tree outside. With the thunder and the boom of the tree, I saw Kay jump with the split second of light. The rug fell slightly and I caught a glimpse of almost white skin. Very smooth skin I had noticed already. Before she released where the rug had fallen, I was pleased to notice the swelling of her breasts. I caught a glimpse of her sparkling eyes - perhaps the noise hadn't frightened her that much, perhaps she was playing the game too.
Stepping behind her again, I sat down. My hands fell to her shoulders and I stroked the sides of her neck, touching the edge of her ears. I could feel her heart beating and each breath she took was ragged and larger than the one before.
I leaned forward and whispered into her ear "Well Miss Jones, I am think this interview is going well. How do you feel about the role so far?"


I know, I have been very lazy of late. To be honest I've been stuck in the office so much that I haven't been able to get out and do anything ... let alone perv'ing!

So, instead I've been able to get some writing done. Someone told me I should call it creative writing, but I don't consider myself to be creative - nor this particular story.

I've never written anything seriously and I am not fooling myself into thinking that I could ever be a writer. But sometimes getting something ... intimate? ... down on "paper" can be good.

Seems to work wonders for 1 or 2 that have read it so far.

So, the 3 or 4 people that read my blog at odd times - what say you? Care to be bored with some of my writing?

Unless it's a resounding "hell no" some of it will go up over the weekend. Hell, even if it is a "hell no" I'll consider putting it up.

Now, where did I put my x-ray glasses - have to get my perv'ing stats back up! Haha!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Explaining my last post

Ok, let me try and explain my last post - and don't worry I have a couple of perv posts coming up, there has been a lot of hot weather recently and all the hot ones have been out and about!

So - date on friday was average. Movie was good (27 Dresses - Katherine Heigl is HOT). Snack was ok (got kicked out as they were closing - at 9:30!!). Company was ... average.

Sometimes I rather shallow. But then again I'm just me - hell you already know I perv as often as I can. Let's see she was short (not bad short), she was too chubby (way too chubby, I like curves but not like this) and she was boring. Like ... I was a little tired after a long week at work, but holding back yawns while trying to eat after the movie is not a good sign.

Problem being - I think she likes me. She's been chasing me for another date. Good thing that she's travelling for a while, so I can delay it for a bit. Perhaps if there was any spark there. Anything at all.

So, enough about that one. Let's get to the other one.

Why females (or some anyway) are insane. I got messaged by a cute looking young lady a few weeks ago, we seemed to click on levels and she asked to go out for coffee. I agreed. Sounded great.
Jump to the day before the coffee - no communication. Jump to the day of the coffee - late that night, finally get to chat with her "Rain check for coffee" (from me). "Sure thing, can't wait" (from her).
Ok, that was all good.
Jump to 2 weeks later - late on saturday night. She starts chatting with me - things are going very, very well. She appears a little drunk and asks me to call her (sends me her phone number). After a little bit of getting my arse into gear, I buzz her. We get along like a house on fire. We organise to meet the next day for at least a coffee. She asked to call (or message) her the next day.
Next day - message her at midday. Get a "Can we rain check, I'm having a nice lazy day". I reply "Sure thing".
Jump to 1 hour later - she chats with me again. Ever so slowly I get out of her that she's nervous (understand that) and wants to get to know me. Sure that works. She leaves for a while.
Jump to another hour later - She chats to me again. She says again that she wants to know me better. That's still cool, I want to get to know her as well.
Jump to 10 minutes later - She sends a "I have too many friends in my life, they take too much time already" ... ok ... "I don't want to waste my time" ... ok again.

At this point I was very confused, so I asked "This sounds like a 'Have a good life' speech?"

The response ... "Yes". Click.

I'm sorry ... what the hell??

Females are insane.

Problem is males are insane as well.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Are girls just insane?

I'll expand on this over the weekend - but I think most will agree with my statement.

I have a date tomorrow (Friday) night. This will be interesting, don't think I'm going to find her attractive, but a movie and a snack is in order. Especially after the complete and utter fuck up of last weekend.

Yes, I do believe all females are insane.