Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Call it writer's block - call it lack of inspiration - call it being down right lazy. Call it whatever you will, I've been horrible. Now I'm getting married and won't be able to do anything for the next 2 weeks (well 10 days, I'm sure I'll be online when we get back).

Basically I have had ideas of blogs, but really I wanted to keep this time as special time between me and Cath. So I did. Once it's over I'll come back in full force and be posting like there's no tomorrow, I have a list of this here that I want (need?) to blog about.

There have been good times, there have been great times, there have been shit times. We get married in 49 hours and I still want to be there - it can't have been all that bad. Things will go well, nice and smooth sailing I say to anyone who asks - once we get past the little things that need to be done at the end (shit! Where is that chocolate delivery?!).

So, my utmost apologies again my (very few?) remaining readers, hopefully I can spark more of an audience when I return with stories of the south seas ... or just how bad airline food can be! I shall return and shall being writing again!

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